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Lora is a solution to connect large number of IOT devices in star network at ranges up to 5Km. LoRa devices uses spread spectrum modulation and need very low transmission power to reach far distances. LoRa offer low cost connectivity and consume very less power. A LoRa IOT sensor could stay live on a single battery charge for years. A LoRa gateway is needed to connect LoRa messages into TCP/IP traffic.

As with all SM01 modules, SM01-LORA module has identical microcontroller, hardware add-ons, expansion connector, and provided with appropriate software libraries which enables application code migration seamless across all SM01 series. 


  • Microchip 16 bit microcontroller 
  • 128 KB program flash
  • 8 KB RAM
  • RTC with Vbat for backup
  • Hardware based Cryptographic Engine
  • 2 MB on board SPI flash
  • On board 32.768Khz crystal
  • Integrated antenna