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When low power consumption and longer range are desirable in an application, wireless mesh offer a solution to connect sensors. One mesh device can communicate to another and then the other communicates to another, until the messages reaches mesh gateway which converts it into TCP/IP for connection to the cloud. Mesh cannot guarantee low latency due to number of hops but it is an extremely useful option to build a cluster of local IOT devices. The low power consumption means that a battery powered IOT device can last for years which is not the case with other connectivity options.

As with all SM01 modules, SM01-MESH module has identical microcontroller, hardware add-ons, expansion connector, and provided with appropriate software libraries which enables application code migration seamless across all SM01 series. 


  • Microchip 16 bit microcontroller 
  • 128 KB program flash
  • 8 KB RAM
  • RTC with Vbat for backup
  • Hardware based Cryptographic Engine
  • 2 MB on board SPI flash
  • On board 32.768Khz crystal
  • Integrated antenna