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SX01-GB Grove Expansion Board

Designed to create your first axino powered IoT product. It is easy to use and ready to attach 280+ grove sensors and actuator modules covering a wide range of IoT application without even soldering a single wire.

The board support all SMo1 modules, takes power from USB port, Auxiliary supply or even a solar panel. It has a USB to UART converter connected on console UART pins on SM01 module and a highly-integrated switch-mode battery charge management and system power path management for a Lithium battery.


  • Micro USB B, Type-B Receptacle
  • Auxilary Power Source 4V-12V
  • 2pin JST PH (2mm) Connector for Lithium Battery
  • Charge Status LED
  • UART Rx and Tx Inidcator LEDs
  • BQ25895 Battery Charge & System Power Path Management
  • 8x Grove Connectors
  • Optional CR1220 Battery Holder for SM01 RTCC Backup